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Directory // Fantasy

The Naiexor Rituals by Joel McCormick Updated sporadically.

Upa! By Shuuichi Sporadically -- Usually more than once a week

Player's Handbook by Ian Anderson-Priddy Tuesdays and Fridays

The Dying Tree by Jasper van Emmerik Every Saturday

Human Decency By Caitlin Woods Weekdays

TWEEN" The Molly Incident By AP. Furtado

The House of Other Worlds by hartchamber

The 13th Hour By Christine Kohler Wednesdays and then some.

Dr. Brillenschnitzels wonderous funeral by an unknown author Every Friday (weekly)

Genaro Written By Alex Acosta, art by Helmer Gutierrez Mondays

Goliath Freed By Brian Daniel Tuesday and Friday

Fallacy Flux By Jeramie Byers Weekly

Lost Nova Words and Pictures by Stefanie B Tuesdays and Every Other Saturday

Jax and the Hellhound #1 By Dennis Morales Francis updated daily (Monday through Friday)

Blood(y) Thirst by KBW weekly

Gods & Undergrads By Monica Gallagher Weekly

Tarnation By Michael J Patrick Usually on MONDAYS!

The Longest Sojourn By Ping Teo Monday, Wednesday, Fridays

Lemuria By A. Prosser

Fortress Avalon Written by Matt Trinh, J Presock, Pages 1-19 Art by Sami Fulller, Filler Art by Jon Beverst, Current Art by Michael Santos Sporadic

Recommended Reading

Al-X Melchor on Pan's Corner By Nikita "Thayle" Malha

With simple art and thorough knowledge of the subject matter, Pan's Corner is a good way to get the inner nerd chuckling.

My film teacher in college introduced me to one of the basic concepts of storytelling: KISS, also known as "Keep It Simple, Stupid". Pan's Corner is pretty faithful to that principle, not forcing its character's to be funny but finding the funny in the character's own pre-existing concepts.

 And why preexisting? The characters of Pan's Corner are none other than the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology as they try to cope with modern times. The classical deities have been used and abused in several media, but what creator Nikita "Thayle" Malha brings to the table is a simple love for the original myths that shines through both the art and dialogues.

Pan's Corner is produced as a vertical comic strip, with few to no ties between each delivery. Pan, the goat-legged sylvan deity is the protagonist of the strip, but recurring co-protagonists are Dyonisius (aka Bacchus), god of wine and Artemis (aka Diana), goddess of the Moon and the hunt.

Now, the goddess Artemis in the original myths is the last character I would have expected to find in a comic strip, but her modern short-haired, sleeveless shirted and cargo pants-ed incarnation just works, and she's still the same angry bitch that can turn a man into a wolf just for seeing her naked.

The art is simple. Thin, closed lines and no coloring, shading or shadow contrast of any kind give the strip that air of simplicity that meshes well with the writing. The art style is consistent although there's always room for improvement, but more in the sense of tightening up details than correcting mistakes.

All in all, Pan's Corner is a deceptively simple read with humor that any mythology nerd (or anyone who has picked up even a children's version of the Greek myths) will enjoy. It might fly over the heads of readers looking for cheap humor, but changing anything for mass appeal would only tarnish this little gem of a comic.

... read it now!

Ursula Vernon adventures under her bed amongst the dust-bunny-people to save her ankles and satisfy a monster curiosity. You should come too.
Remember all the rules you piously obeyed as a child in order to protect yourself from monsters? Tucking in the edges of the blanket, braving asphyxiation under the blue flannel, considering buying a snorkel? The second comic in this series (the first is also fantastic, and features a fuzzy blue aztec fingernail-stealing monster singing "Stairway"), reminds you of all that, hitting on every familiar point you almost forgot. In the meantime, Ursula shares her sharp-shooting wit with hilarious narrative. So, pull out a blanket and join her in an adventure under the bed. They have cheese sandwiches there. ... read it now!

Car Blank on Hitmen For Destiny by Øyvind Thorsby

I love how this webcomic is both adventurous and funny. I started by reading the archive now I hate waiting for new comics.

H4D is like a very good acid trip, colourful and reality defying.  It's such a different concept to most other kinds of webcomics but then again, its better than them.  I'm sad more people don't know about it but I'll do my best to change that.

The art could use improvement but it doesn't really get in the way of my the story so it's not really a big deal. Plus, drawings tend to get better the more they're actually drawn.

Keep up the awesome work Oyvind. I'd like to read any book you may write in the future. 

... read it now!

* *    ··||··    -Zephyr- Sara S. (Art and story), Joe T. (Editing) Updates every Tuesday!    ··||··    3 Berks By Lee Voss First and Third week of each Month    ··||··    3 Little Kittens    ··||··    A Drop In the City monthly    ··||··    A Wood Nymph's Tale By Michael Cohen    ··||··    Aardephant's Adventure By Summer, Nicky, and Loki Monthly    ··||··    Accidental Centaurs by John Lotshaw    ··||··    Adventure Story presents: Nullify the Ninjas By Rei Estrada    ··||··    Adventure Story presents: Phantom Phorest Phright! Everything by Rei Estrada Completed    ··||··    Adventures By Me Tuesdays    ··||··    AKISH II By Galen Linnett    ··||··    Alcydia Geir Strøm (writing), Daniel Østvold (art), Reinder Dijkhuis (translation, editing, lettering), Adam Cuerden (script editor) Alcydia has been completed. No new updates will appear.    ··||··    Anthem Art & Story: Stellar Hope Sundays!    ··||··    Arcana Jayne: Palladium Created and written by Lisa R. Jonté, Art by Stevie Wilson Every Friday!    ··||··    Arrowflight By Monique MacNaughton A/K/A Coydog Whenever I damn well please - oh, more or less weekly.    ··||··    Athena's Downfall by 1st Row Heroes Club bi-weekly on Sundays    ··||··    Avery Story and Art by Tori Herrington Updates at least once a week    ··||··    Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate fancomic made by Michael Hansson © Bioware Corp    ··||··    Bended Reality By Santiago Casares Whenever I do a new story    ··||··    Between Places    ··||··    black knight adventures A DODSON sometimes    ··||··    Black Tapestries By Jakkal Tuesday through Friday    ··||··    Blackroad By Cecily Perez Monday and Friday    ··||··    Blackwood created by Murasaki Chimu Weekly on Friday! If you're lucky (and I'm not busy), extra pag    ··||··    Blaq Majiik Kai Samms Friday    ··||··    Blood(y) Thirst by KBW weekly    ··||··    Blown Away Written By Zachary, Drawn by Stefen, Edited by Jacob. It Updates whenever the artist feels like drawing.    ··||··    Blue Dragon by Kathryn Hjaelstrom Once in a while    ··||··    Bob the Witch Doctor Written (and rewritten... and rewritten) and Drawn by Haley Popoff Updates at Popoff's convinience, which is more often than not.    ··||··    Campus Safari By Tiffany Ross Every Day.    ··||··    Catharsis by James V. West One-shot comic. Appeared in Ape Entertainment's OMNIBUS #2    ··||··    Catspaw Written by John C. Hocking. Art by Storn A. Cook Every Tuesday    ··||··    Centaur Legends Created by Miss Monday Updates on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays    ··||··    Centipede Dreams Translated from Hebrew into the English tongue by Rabbi Abognazar. Panels uploaded as I draw them (No schedule)    ··||··    Champions of Yeoann Xanditz Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (or Sunday)    ··||··    Chevalier By Darryl Hughes and Monique MacNaughton M-W-F for first week, Wednesdays in the following weeks    ··||··    Christmas at Blocksberg Geir Strøm (writing), Daniel Østvold (art), Reinder Dijkhuis (translation, editing, lettering) Christmas at Blocksberg is completed. Read it from the beginning    ··||··    Chronicles of Graestone by spunkbrat    ··||··    Chronicles of Tarmac By Howlin' Steve Hoadley    ··||··    chronicles of the 8 realms by kangarookid    ··||··    Consequences Of Choice By Ash Nelson Daily, in most cases.    ··||··    Contract of the Soul irregular    ··||··    Coreopsis By Lisa R. Jonte Updates When I Can Manage It    ··||··    Courtly Manners By Reinder Dijkhuis Completed. Read from the beginning.    ··||··    Courtly Manners 2: The Unicorn Race Geir Strøm (writing), Reinder Dijkhuis (art) Completed. Read from the beginning.    ··||··    Culric's Chronicles Created and produced by Ken and Sarah LaFarlette At our website - Daily for panels, once or twice a week for page    ··||··    Curly Locks & Shag By Raine C. At random intervals.    ··||··    Daqueran Written and Drawn by Jeri Weaver, Coloured by Aunjuli Riddle Weekly Sunday/mondays    ··||··    Dawn of Terra (2007) Story and Art by D.C. Smith    ··||··    Death Head By Jeremy Alva Tuesday and Thursdays    ··||··    Decimated Eden Sivhouy (PhoenixCrash) Dawson Randomly    ··||··    Demonball Monday and Thursday    ··||··    Demotic's Home For Retired Archtypes By Emma Danger Several Times A Week.    ··||··    Department of Changeling Affairs By Meir Hoberman Wednesday afternoons    ··||··    desolation angel tango by hartchamber    ··||··    Destiny Story & Art By: Derek Hinds    ··||··    Diamond by SG Updates on Mondays    ··||··    Digital Online! By Paki Spivey 1-3 times a Week, no warnings.    ··||··    Dojo! A Strange Life Story and art by RTSSH21 As much as can. (weekly/monthly)    ··||··    Donkey Kingdom By Sean Sullivan Wednesday and Sunday    ··||··    Down the Road By Travis Tye Twice a week    ··||··    Dr. Brillenschnitzels wonderous funeral by an unknown author Every Friday (weekly)    ··||··    Drackovack Legends By September Patterson Saturdays +    ··||··    Dragon Chapel Art and Writing by Isaac Mejia Updated sometimes    ··||··    DRAGONBREATH By Juan Navarro Fridays    ··||··    Dragonet By Frank Gunter Tuesday Thursday Saturday    ··||··    Duchess Mew (The Archive) Written by Dan Potter, Illustrated by Amanda Potter Archive of unfinished webcomic. No Updates    ··||··    Dwarf Fortress - The webcomic By Andy "4bh0r53n" Bell Nominally weekly, though i might do more or less    ··||··    Dwarven Trail: A Dwarf Fortress Comic Matthew (Opirian) Tracy Twice a week at least.    ··||··    Eiunmar by Selene Crow Freya's days and Odin's days, two times a week.    ··||··    El Bazar de Laura Por Axel Medellín Algo nuevo cada miércoles, más o menos...    ··||··    Eldritch Rights Written and, arguably, drawn by Justin Grubbs Updates Monday through Friday, filler on the weekends.    ··||··    ELF `n TROLL by AP. Furtado New Episodes every Monday and Thursday    ··||··    Elf `n Troll Stuff by AP. Furtado    ··||··    Elvenbaath Written and Illustrated by Dotty Once a Week    ··||··    Empyrean Tales By Michael Cohen several pages a week    ··||··    End Game By Gemelli and Lierne One-Shot    ··||··    Endtown By Aaron Neathery Monday through Friday    ··||··    Entwined Written by Silence, Illustrated by Maki Monday, Wednesday, and Friday    ··||··    Evenfall by Pete Stathis Updating Seven Days A Week    ··||··    Everglade Story and Illustrations by Lanie McCarry Updates every sunday.    ··||··    Eyes of the Bicycle Horse Greg Loumeau Monthly    ··||··    FABULOUS FRUIT written and illustrated by SEPTIAN DR monday, wednesday and friday    ··||··    Fallacy Flux By Jeramie Byers Weekly    ··||··    Fallink! By P.Lapierre Monthly.    ··||··    Fantastic Zoology: The Coastal Giraffe by Alexander Danner and Bill Duncan Complete    ··||··    FarLight Saga Ethos Written by Jared Koon, Illustrated by Sarah Hebblethwaite Updates Once a Week, every Wednesday    ··||··    Feral Script by Reinder Dijkhuis. Art by Reinder Dijkhuis and Aggie. Colour flats by Drooling Fan Girl; Some backgrounds by Calvin Bexfield On hiatus    ··||··    Fey: Drawing Borders by Nico alternate Saturdays    ··||··    Final Haven: The Age of Gadalion Howlin' Steve Hoadley When time allows    ··||··    Fortress Avalon Written by Matt Trinh, J Presock, Pages 1-19 Art by Sami Fulller, Filler Art by Jon Beverst, Current Art by Michael Santos Sporadic    ··||··    Furballs and Leather By Leah Fast Every weekend.    ··||··    Furtigo By Eric Anthony West Tuesdays and Saturdays    ··||··    Future Perfect One written by A. J. McMahon, drawn by Carlos Aguirre daily    ··||··    Fuzzballs and Grumbles By Rahball No updates    ··||··    Garn by Steven Hoadley Every other Thursday    ··||··    Genaro Written By Alex Acosta, art by Helmer Gutierrez Mondays    ··||··    Glitter&Fade Written and Illustrated by Aubrey Nolan Monday, Wednesday & Fridays, unless for some reason it is imposs    ··||··    Glorianna By J. Kevin Carrier Every Friday    ··||··    Gods & Undergrads By Monica Gallagher Weekly    ··||··    Gods and Guardians By Joe Stimach    ··||··    Goliath Freed By Brian Daniel Tuesday and Friday    ··||··    Guðrún By Reinder Dijkhuis Guðrún has been completed; no new updates will appear.    ··||··    haven's rest by kangarookid    ··||··    Hereland: Prologue (Anna's Story) By Kelly Delahanty    ··||··    Hereville: How Mirka Got A Sword By Barry Deutsch Wednesdays.    ··||··    Hitmen For Destiny by Øyvind Thorsby    ··||··    Homunculus Steven A. Lieske Time is a Lie    ··||··    Human Decency By Caitlin Woods Weekdays    ··||··    INTO THE AFTER By Furman Weekly updates    ··||··    Invasion Reinder Dijkhuis (script, character art), Calvin Bexfield (background art), Drooling Fan Girl and Mravac Kid (colours). Additional materials by Stephen Crowley, Adam Cuerden, Jeroen Jager, DFG and Geir Strøm This series is completed    ··||··    Irrational Fears Ursula Vernon Complete story    ··||··    Jax and the Hellhound #1 By Dennis Morales Francis updated daily (Monday through Friday)    ··||··    Jhafnyr Written by Michael Cohen, illustrated by Thomas Yeates Daily    ··||··    JImbo and the Ghosts by Peter Duffy and Chris Duffy this comic updates when we can!    ··||··    Journey to Raifina Story & Art by Colin Hofmann possibly every week    ··||··    Just Another Day By Ashe Skyler    ··||··    Kara, Kali, and the Wind Michael Cohen (story and art) One-shot, No updates    ··||··    Knights of the Nasturtium By Frogmage Updates at least twice a week    ··||··    Knights of the Shroud By Matt Bayne Biweekly, Mondays    ··||··    Knights of Vesteria Written by Matt Summers, Illustrated by Tamara Love Hiatus    ··||··    La leyenda de la caca x Fadri    ··||··    Lady of the Sidhe by Sandoz Driftwood Weekly, maybe more often as time allows    ··||··    Last Rites: A Phantara Adventure by Howlin Steve Hoadley, World Design by Chris Nicholson, Mike Nicholson, William Pemberton, Wayne Overla, Greyston Ullery, and of course Jim DeWald One-shot, No Updates    ··||··    Laura's Bazaar By Axel Medellin Machain Wednesday, maybe more often from time to time    ··||··    Legend of the Sunset People by Shawn Richison and Francesca Zambon Updates Tuesdays and Fridays    ··||··    legends of the samurai fungi    ··||··    Lemuria By A. Prosser    ··||··    Light Children Graphic Novel Written by Andy Horner, Illustrated by Kyle T. Webster First 3 chapters are online at Official Light Children website,    ··||··    Lil' Gods Written by Kevin Bush & Joe Vitzen, Illustrated by Afonso Ferreira, and Created by Kevin Bush Updated every Wednesday night with a new episode.    ··||··    Little Creature By Ursula Vernon Completed Short Story    ··||··    Little Creature and the Redcap By Ursula Vernon One-shot    ··||··    Lontranus By Cameron Nielsen No updates, obviously.    ··||··    Lost Nova Words and Pictures by Stefanie B Tuesdays and Every Other Saturday    ··||··    Love Chronicles By S.S.J.D. Tuesdays are my goal    ··||··    Love is Lava    ··||··    Love is Lava Part 2    ··||··    Lullaby Hearts    ··||··    Lumimaria By ithecello Monday...usually.    ··||··    Madness is relative By Dean Jeffers Once or twice a week    ··||··    Mandala: On The Seat of Power Cody One a week    ··||··    Masquerade Written and Illustrated by Harris O'Malley    ··||··    Miranda: The Battle Songs Art & story by Inkalill Completed    ··||··    Miranda: The Emerald Mine Art & story by Inkalill One-shot    ··||··    Miranda: The Master of Colors Art & story: Inkalill Monday, Wednesday and Friday (if I am not overworked)    ··||··    Miranda: The Wizards Daughter Art & story: Inkalill Completed    ··||··    Misery Written and Illustrated by Stephen Black Once a week, except when I have no access to a scanner.    ··||··    Missing Days of February by Ludeshka Weekly. Hopefully more than one page at a time    ··||··    Monarchy By Lisa Jones Mondays, sometimes Friday    ··||··    Moonthreads By Heather Teel Updates Thursdays    ··||··    Mr Average Chapter 1 By Sonny Strait and Billy Foster CLICK IMAGE TO ADVANCE STORY    ··||··    Mutant Elf by Steven Myers Weekly    ··||··    Mystic Fate Anna Black    ··||··    Mystic Revolution By Jen Brazas Monday, Wednesday, Friday    ··||··    Nahast - Lands of Strife Art and story by Al-X Melchor Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday until archives are complete    ··||··    Ned The Chainsaw Guy Oren Kramek and Omer Goodovich Bout once a weekish    ··||··    Nightwind by Becky Farris and Kelly Ishikawa Updates once a week on Mondays    ··||··    No Rest for the Wicked By Andrea L. Peterson Mirror, updated daily while the archives last.    ··||··    NOCTURNAL CURSE By Dupret Santana Bejarano Every week    ··||··    Nyx Night By Sheniko Updates at least once every Saturday    ··||··    O Fortuna a dark fantasy by Nathan Lyle    ··||··    Odds and Ends Reinder Dijkhuis, Daniel Østvold, Geir Strøm, Calvin Bexfield and guests Weekdays, inbetween real comic series    ··||··    On The Edge: Wonderland By Leisl Adams    ··||··    Orc Quest Avadrea (writing) Taliesin (art) Wednesday (Late evenings EST)    ··||··    Order of the Black Ash Written and Illustrated by Joshua Florence Updates Sporadically    ··||··    Orklore Written and drawn by Alexander Loken    ··||··    Pan's Corner By Nikita "Thayle" Malha Monday - Thursday ... for now.    ··||··    Pan-Gea: First and Last Love By James V. West This story first appeared in the Pan-Gea one-shot from AE    ··||··    Pan-Gea: Seven Arrows by James V. West Weekly    ··||··    Panget Addison Sengco    ··||··    Parallax payroo (art/storyboarding) caronee & anbumoo(plot/concept) Monthly Chapter Release    ··||··    Path to the darkness written and illustrated by Aleksandra Mieszkowska I will try my best to update it very frequently, but if I don't    ··||··    Pedrigon By Stefanie De Kock (a.k.a. FlyingGekko) Now updated Mondays :)    ··||··    Pewfell: The Comic Fantasy Comic Written by Chuck Whelon with Adam Prosser, Illustrated by Chuck Whelon Every Day    ··||··    Pills by Matthew Reidsma M/W/F until done.    ··||··    Pipeman Tales    ··||··    Player's Handbook by Ian Anderson-Priddy Tuesdays and Fridays    ··||··    Playing with Fire By Josh Vesper one shot deal    ··||··    Purgatory By Andrea L. Peterson one-shot, completed    ··||··    Rain King Chronicles    ··||··    Relics & Runes: Doom's Eve Written by Ken Hydrick, Penciled by Christian Rogue, & Inked by Boston Jorge Garcia Updated now & then, when the moon hits just right...    ··||··    Rhiannon Stories by Michael May    ··||··    Rivius Obscura by Jake Richmond Every Monday    ··||··    Rogue Programming By Justin Massey Around the 1st and 15th of every month    ··||··    Ruler and Rebels by Pacie Porter Zasada with help from Max    ··||··    Sacred Knight: The Three Books - Legend 1 by Dawn Blair    ··||··    Sargasso Soul Story and art by Jay Epps Comic Updates on Monday and Wednesday    ··||··    Sea Ja Doe: An Apocalyptic Love Story By MH Heintz Semi-Weekly    ··||··    Seat of Wrath Glen Veltum (writing), Jason Themm (pencilling), Ed Eargle (inks) Update every Monday.    ··||··    Serpentarius Story and art by Gabriel Uguet and Ronald Pantin    ··||··    Seven Deadly Seals Written and Illustrated by Tyler Cooper We're gonna go for one or two pages a week. No garuantees thoug    ··||··    Shades of Crimson By Iscariot Studios Wednesdays (I hope)    ··||··    Shards Of Gelidria Jake Pawloski Completed first issue and into the second    ··||··    Sian Story & Art by Craig A. Taillefer Completed Novella... for now!    ··||··    Silenced Leylines Written and illustrated by Therese Wolff Updates every week    ··||··    Silvershot Story and Art by Ryan Price Friday    ··||··    Sink or Swim By Tiffany Ross Monday through Friday    ··||··    Sivine Blades By Tiffany Ross Currently on Hiatus to resume in August.    ··||··    Skin Deep By Kory Bing New page every Tuesday    ··||··    Sky Pirates of Valendor: The Webcomic Everett Soares and Brian Brinlee Friday    ··||··    Skyfall Monday and Wednesday, barring apocalii    ··||··    Skyfall: Interludes    ··||··    Song of Straygo By Julie Sydor Updates Mondays.    ··||··    Staff Cutbacks Geir Strøm (writing), Daniel Østvold (art), Reinder Dijkhuis (editor, lettering) Completed.    ··||··    Starbound    ··||··    Strange Dreams By Liz Argall and Dave Cunning Every Monday    ··||··    Superbia: Outsiders Brittany Quinn As pages are completed    ··||··    Tales from Willowmyst by: Zia Vest, Michelle Bridges & Lisa Moore Updated 3 Times a Month    ··||··    Tamarindo por Lerms Updates semanales (esas son las intenciones)    ··||··    Tamarindo - English by Lerms Every couple of weeks...    ··||··    Tarnation By Michael J Patrick Usually on MONDAYS!    ··||··    Tempest of the Soul By Meredith Dillman    ··||··    Testemony of Paldos By James Tenney    ··||··    Texas Steampunk I: Cathedral Child Story and Art by Lea Hernandez Presenting the book in its entirety.    ··||··    The Witch of Nothing written and illustrated by Robert Arthur Smith alternates with Quirks    ··||··    The 13th Hour By Christine Kohler Wednesdays and then some.    ··||··    THE ADVENTURES OF BILLY COLE By Ted Seko Every Friday    ··||··    The Bestiary Alphabet By Kory Bingaman The Bestiary is Complete!    ··||··    The Black Dragons Chronicles By Draco Blair Wednesdays    ··||··    The Corby Tribe By Reinder Dijkhuis, with a little help from his friends Daily    ··||··    The Daemonslayers. "Heritage" Written and Illustrated by Isabelle 'Drakhenliche' Davis weekly    ··||··    The Daemonslayers. "The Unseen" Written and Illustrated by Isabelle 'Drakhenliche' Davis complete    ··||··    The Double Geir Strøm (writing), Daniel Østvold (art), Reinder Dijkhuis (editor, lettering) Completed.    ··||··    The Dragon Wife By Elton Robb, Illustrated in DAZ Studio with the Cooperation of many talents. Maybe every Saturday.    ··||··    The Dying Tree by Jasper van Emmerik Every Saturday    ··||··    The Eye of the Underworld By Geir Strøm (writing) and Reinder Dijkhuis (art) Completed.    ··||··    the ghost and the devil By Jason Turner Spooky Tuesdays    ··||··    The HackSlash Realms Story/Artwork Michael Hansson    ··||··    The House of Other Worlds by hartchamber    ··||··    The Legacy of Zheph Skyre: Book of Fire by Joshua D. Altobelli Tuesdays and Fridays    ··||··    The Legend Of The Poo x Fadri    ··||··    The Life of Angus MacGuffin by Bill Volk regularly on Wednesdays and Thursdays    ··||··    The Lions of Valletta by Ursula Murray Husted on hold for now.    ··||··    The Little Bear Who Knew Fear By Alexander Danner and Bill Duncan Complete    ··||··    The Llama Express Written and Illustrated by David Goldwing Updated whenever the heck I feel like it. And I'm lazy.    ··||··    The Longest Sojourn By Ping Teo Monday, Wednesday, Fridays    ··||··    The Longest Sojourn: The Boy Who was King    ··||··    The Magical Voyage By Masako Hirata THIS. IS. A ONE-SHOT!!!    ··||··    The Mansion of E    ··||··    The Naiexor Rituals by Joel McCormick Updated sporadically.    ··||··    The Owl People by Letty Wilson updates in big erratic lumps, by chapters, very slowly. sorry. :    ··||··    The Sapphire Necklace By James White to be updated in the distant future, possibly never    ··||··    The Sword of Sarandolf By Cameron and Taylor Nielsen Finished 5-page story    ··||··    The Tales of Lev Written and Illustrated by Mary Sigona Every Month unless notified    ··||··    The Toll by Willie Hewes Completed    ··||··    The Towers of Yrien By Quillotine Studios When it updates.    ··||··    The Turning By Craig A. Taillefer One-Shot, No Updates    ··||··    The Voyages Of The WindBird By David Wynne and Amanda Bird Mondays and Thursdays    ··||··    The Walking Mage Series Complete! No Updates.    ··||··    The wild hunt By Stevie Wilson Daily    ··||··    The Wings of Change Created by Mariette Rose Weekly...most of the time.    ··||··    The Witch of Nothing II (The Lord of the Marches) written and illustrated by Robert Arthur Smith alternates with Quirks and others    ··||··    The Wyrm Lord By Nicola Charge Weekly    ··||··    Thousandstab Geir Strøm (writing), Daniel Østvold (art), Reinder Dijkhuis (editor, lettering) Completed.    ··||··    Through Certain Doorways Tracye Manley-Williams (art and writing) This is just a One Shot . No Updates :)    ··||··    Tia written and illustrated by Robert Arthur Smith alternates with Quirks and others    ··||··    Tiger and Panda By Lindsey Latimer    ··||··    Tired of Death A Comedy of Terrors Twice a week. Sun/Thu    ··||··    Together Again By Alexander Danner and Bill Duncan Tuesday and Thursday    ··||··    Tori Do pinguino Monday, Wednesday, Friday    ··||··    Troll Bridge Written and Illustrated by Celia Yost Lets face it, this gets updated when I have the time. The listed    ··||··    TWEEN" The Molly Incident By AP. Furtado    ··||··    TWoC - The Difference Day by Mariette Rose One-shot, No updates    ··||··    Unicorn Campaign By Rachael Moore Complete    ··||··    Unreal City By J. Sandas Updated every Monday.    ··||··    Upa! By Shuuichi Sporadically -- Usually more than once a week    ··||··    VARULV Written and Illustrated by Dawn Best Updates Weekly    ··||··    Virgin Head 24 Hour Comic By James V. West One-shot 24 hour comic of madness and mayhem!    ··||··    Wandering: The Ties of Fate Written and Illustrated by Sarah ((Sketchy)) Whenever I can...probably weekly xD    ··||··    War Epic By Hell Puppi On hiatus    ··||··    Weave By Mehighlow (story) and Manda (art) Updates Mondays    ··||··    West Portal By Kathleen J. Shreve Mondays    ··||··    When We Were Monsters by Jason Turner Monster Mondays!    ··||··    Wilderhome Written and drawn by Derrick Eshenbaugh Sporadically, since I am new at this.    ··||··    Witchprickers by Agouti-Rex Updated Tuesday and Thursday    ··||··    Wonderful By Alex Mancheno updates when I create new comics    ··||··    Worlds Without End By Cameron Nielsen A few times a week, randomly.    ··||··    Xrox written by Cydnee Clark-Praxis and drawn by James V. West updates when I can    ··||··    Xrox:The Guide to Xrox written and illustrated by Cydnee Clark-Praxis Fridays on an irregular basis    ··||··    Yrasa and the smugglers Read the full comic at http://www.yrasa.bplaced.net/    ··||··    Zarp by James V. West Here and there    ··||··    Zarp in "The Mirror Lies" by James V. West One shot comic from Random Order Comics Volume One    ··||··    Zelda One Shot Peter Schmalenberg (writing), Paul Schmalenbergl (art)    ··||··    `TWEEN, "The Bad Mojo Saga" by AP. Furtado    ··||··   


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