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Eric Monster Millikin

Yes, that's me, occult scientist, artist, dream-weaver, visionary. This is my experimental painted diary, all about monsters I love and government monsters that try to stop me. I am inspired by the works of Doctors King, Frankenstein, and Seuss. Some people want to destroy all monsters; I want to make friends with monsters, study monsters, and paint monsters.

Thanks to the demon lords of the internets, you can search and find some of my fabulous self-portraits.

Besides destroying your world with these paintings, I'm the curator of, one of the regular writers for Talk About Comics, contributor to Ted Rall's Attitude 3, occasional writer for The Comics Journal, a livejournalist, a myspacer, magazine and newspaper illustrator, and CIA-trained breakdancer.

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"Daring, entertainingly perverse."
- The Comics Journal
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Hey, I'm Eric Monster Millikin and I'm the kamikaze performance artist who creates this painted-on-zombie-skin politics-of-black-romantic-comedy newspaper and webcomic. You should bookmark it and link to it if you don't already because that's how the inter ... full profile