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Twice a week

2 Aug 07

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT #2!  THE MUSIC SITE IS UP! Check it out, I've been fixing alot of stuff on the site, let us know what you think!

And now for today's cartoon, Its been 20.94 years, and I'm sick of it. SO CLOSE! Being 20 is the worst, like a purgatory of drunken mario kart every weekend. It just gets old. How bad would that suck if after all the buildup of turning 21, you go out to the bars and its still just a bunch of bored kids playing beer pong and mario kart with family guy on in the background.

 I know the punchlines have been a little weak lately, they'll pick back up once I get back to school and out of social isolation. I really draw on my friends for inspiration. Let us know what you think of all the changes! AND PLEASE CLICK THOSE VOTE BUTTONS! (They're now hidden down at the bottom) Thanks alot!


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