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4 May 07

For anyone who's wondering, YES THIS IS A TRUE STORY. What actually happened is that we were heading back to the Frankfurt airport with our luggage and snowboard bags. We had to switch trains at Mannheim so we piled out grabbing all the bags we could. "Hey, did any of you grab my green bag?" "Your man bag? Nope." So he goes running back on the train to get it, and we casually load onto the train on the next track. Our train has another five minutes before it leaves so we were in no rush. Then our last train starts moving. "Where the hell is Bryce?" "Did he even get off?" I was doubled over in laughter for ten minutes when we realized he was stuck on the other train. He wound up at Frankfurt Main Station and caught a cab all the way across town to meet us at the flight check in. Man that was hilarious just imagining him on the other train freaking out.

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